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Coffee Roasting

Caffair Coffee Roastery has been suppling coffee, both wholesales and retail to coffee lovers, major individual cafes, restaurants and bars. We offers a wide range of coffee selections, from traditional classic espresso blend to single origins, look for your cup of coffee at Caffair Roastery.

Caffair Coffee Roastery highlights and adventages:

- Fresh roast 100% arabica coffee selections
- Introduced the GrainPro storage solution for green coffee
- Seasonal coffee selections from around the world
- Flexible and reliable coffee supply to your needs
- Green roaster and eco-friendly roasting facilities
​- "De-breath stabilization" system for fresh roasted coffee

Blend Development

Caffair featured blends are with timesless quality, create an everyday coffee experience.

- Classic Espresso Blend

A balanced cup with a strong nutty aroma and taste, follow with a mild smooth fruitniness and fisnish with a touch of dark chocolate sweetness.

- Blend for espresso but also works well with all brewing methods

​- Italian Roast

A strong and intance cup with dark chocolaty flavor. Relatively dark roast which gives a rounded full body and persistent aftertaste.


- Blend for espresso and regular coffee, ​​works well as iced coffee

Create your own classic, consult our roaster to find out more about coffee blending options at

Seasonal Reserve

Caffair Seasonal Reserve provides a wide range of single origin coffee choices around the world. Our reserve collection varies seasons by seasons, crops by crops, experiencing the specialty coffee adventure.

Feature seasonal reserve from:
- Brazil Daterra 
- Colombia Café Granja La Esperanza
- Sumatra Wahana Estate
- Ethiopia

Contact us for a full updated list of coffee offerings.

Looking for retail? Join our mailing list NOW to get our weekly fresh roast coffee offerings!

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