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jet FCG6

High speed filter coffee grinder designed to work in conjunction with the JET. When coupled the FCG delivers the amount of coffee (grams per litre set by user) appropriate for the brew consistently and without fail. Precise grind adjustments can be made to ensure the perfect cup of coffee every time.


dimensions : 370mm x 205mm x 550mm

power @ 230V : 0.8W

weight : 13kg

jet6 2.8kW

Delivers coffee directly into portable urn. Excellence in coffee. Attractive design for prestigious locations. Stainless steel construction. Variable batch volumes. Basket safety lock during brewing. Easy to operate. Cost per cup control. Minimal operator error.


full brew : 6L

cups per hour : 189

dimensions : 444mm x 303mm x 810mm

power @ 230V : 2.8kW

weight : 24kg

jet urn 6.0L

Portable 6 litre urn. Coffee delivered directly into the unit by JET brewer. Perfect for all Hotel, Restaurant, Café and Catering locations. Keeps coffee hot for up to 6 hours.


dimensions : 420mm x 245mm x 570mm

weight : 7kg

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